Everyone has faced this fear at least once in their life. The fear of Public Speaking is real. An average person ranks the fear of Public Speaking (also known as glassophobia)higher than the fear of death. This fear is a brake to your professional upgradation when you want to raise your standards on a daily basis.

It is your choice whether you accept the short time anxiety of not being able to Speak or accept the long term escape to the world of mediocrity where there is no growth.

Whether you are giving a formal presentation to the audience or simply asking your boss for a promotion, Speaking skills are really essential. No matter whether you are at the starting point of your career or middle stage or at the topmost hierarchy. You need to put your point across. To get rid of this fear it’s very important for you to have the clarity on why you want to overcome this fear. Do you have the hunger inside you to grow more? Do you want to raise your standards?

Priyankini Mahanta, an ISTD certified trainer and the winner of the Excellence award as a speaker has put down seven surefire ways to get rid of the fear of Public Speaking.

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