Human beings are social beings. Our ability to emote and build emotional bonds with other beings is what distinguishes us from other species. Humans are wired for connections and when we connect with others at an emotional level, we feel positive, needed, and most of all happy – the feelings that we strive hard to achieve throughout our existence.

The external influences of social media and mobile phones have made us pretty much forget the joy of building and nurturing friendships. The digital relationships are beginning to affect our personal relationships, even with our near and dear ones.

In this video, Meera Murthy talks about three simple behaviors you can adopt to build meaningful connections that can enrich your lives. Create magic in your relationships and friendships by integrating these easy steps and enjoy meaningful connections that will last forever.

Meera Murthy has been an astute HR leader in multiple corporates for over a decade and is currently on a mission to make a positive impact on people’s lives by sharing her experience and knowledge in personal growth. Meera is an Image Consultant, a transformational coach and a fitness coach and ambassador.

Meera believes that each one of us has enormous potential. A little nudge in the right direction can enable every individual to harness his/her inner power and truly find his/her sparkle. Each of us can achieve greatness if we can only give wings to our inner potential and set it free. With her multi-pronged approach Meera can help give flight to your crazy dreams.

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