Declutter Your Mind

Declutter Yourself

Focus on right thing and develop a mental strength

No one is perfect. However when there are too many things in your mind you are not able to focus on one thing you want to work on. We all face with this. We forget important dates leave the gas or stove on or leave the tap open. We loose control and feel like we are in some mess. You need to free up some of your head space.

Just like our home, offices, cupboards our mind too needs to be declutter time to time. Researchers say we have about 60,000 thoughts each day and most of the thoughts involve negativity and focus on worrying things which keeps you stuck in life.

Holding onto negative emotions and worrying about things you don’t have control of can cause more sadness, anger, bitterness and dissatisfaction.

It’s time to let go off past.

It’s time to focus on present.

It’s time to declutter your mind.

With simple and easy to go practices we can declutter our mind. Little little things makes a big difference especially when we practise daily. Below are listed  some of the actions to be practised on daily basis which will  help declutter your mind and focus on right things.

  1. Start observing your thoughts

Take a moment , close your eyes watch out for the thoughts entering in your mind. Spend few moments observing. Your thoughts never go you have to observe them.

 Observe like : what is the nature of your thought?

                           Where did it came from?

                           Is it important at this present moment ?

When you do that automatically you will raise your awareness and focus on present moment. You will limit your thinking to what you desire in the present moment.

  • Let Go

Let go of the past and stop worrying about future. Start feeling gratitude and appreciate your present. Enjoy your present moment, enjoy your life. Enjoy the smallest moment it can be your cooking, enjoy doing your dishes. As I said even the smallest thing makes difference, enjoy your present moment. If you are listening to music, or you are with your family or watching a movie, BE IN THAT PRESENT MOMENT , enjoy it.

  • Pen Down

Make a list of thoughts that have constantly kept you worrying and are interruptive when you are doing some important things. Writing down can help managing your worries and fears. Also helps to focus on right things and helps to take actions on it. Writing down will clearly defined list of actions and tasks and with more clarity it will further prevent you from overthinking. Pen  down on paper takes them out from your head, thus allowing your mind to declutter.

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