So many times we catch ourselves saying, ” how stupid of me”, or ” it is idiotic of me to do this” or I am not worth it!.These are out of our habitual patterns and conditioning and we fall into a trap doing this in repeated cycles. It is of utmost importance here to understand what is our value in our own eyes before we create value in others’ lives. if we do not look up to ourselves , the sense of lack and not being enough will not allow us to progress in our lives. Sapna is a marathon runner, a transformation coach, a budding author and a speaker. Her foray into fitness marked her own transformationa as a person, her thoughts and mind set. A 30 kg weight loss intertwined with lot of emotional upheavals made her stronger as a person, this time both emotionally ,physically and spiritually. The challenges which she faced made her emerge resilient and brave. It did not stop there, now she is on a mission to act as a catalyst in lives of women all over to view their well being more holistically. Currently penning her life thoughts and stories in her book WE , the stories… she shares every day experiences and weaves stories around them and what insight we can gather from seemingly common place stuff Reboot club is a pioneer association of folks with like minded approach to view world in a bigger way. The club thrives on mutual interest of knowledge and expertise sharing where each follow one for all and all for one approach. The core value which binds the people together is found on excelling through sharing.The camaraderie and energy rubs on one another and it largely benefits the outcome with which it is formed. It is rightly said that if you want to go far in life you got to go together, with platform like Reboot club it is sure going to bring more and more mastermind together.

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